Floor & Wall Vinyls

Floor and Wall Vinyl stickers are very efficient marketing tools that can be used in a variety of ways on smooth floors. At HappyPrinting, you can have your floor and wall vinyl stickers printed in different sizes and materials of your choice. Upload your file or use our online editor to get your floor and vinyl stickers printed.

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Print Custom Vinyl stickers

Printing vinyl stickers is easier than you think these days. After all, high-quality printing is getting faster and faster and the results have never been so smooth and sharp. Customers also find it very pleasant to order vinyl stickers completely online.

What exactly is a vinyl sticker? This is the most used sticker we know. There are different types such as white or transparent and they are made of tough monomeric or polymeric vinyl. The fact is that vinyl stickers are always durable, scratch-free and colorfast and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

When removed, no adhesive residue is left behind. Vinyl stickers that you have printed with us are resistant to moisture, rain and UV radiation for at least three to five years. Both the ink, the vinyl and the adhesive layer are of high quality.

Order and buy vinyl stickers easily online

The great thing is that you can order vinyl stickers with your own design via our website. We then print your vinyl stickers on fast, modern equipment, after which it is delivered to you as quickly as possible. We can supply a vinyl sticker that you would like printed from an edition of one. You will receive stickers on a sheet or per roll.

Via our order module you indicate your personal preferences in terms of size, colour, finish, edition, material and the desired payment method and delivery date. If you have any questions, you can of course contact our helpdesk for an excellent personal service. You will also find frequently asked questions here on our site.

Make your own vinyl design

Making your own unique vinyl stickers has never been easier! Via our simple order menu you can upload a design yourself via a PDF or other common file. There are many options for your image, such as a personal photo, your company logo or an image from the internet. People also choose to modify something existing, such as the logo of a well-known brand.

Your self-designed stickers can be used for everything, ranging from a surprise at a children's party to, for example, decoration stickers, smartphone stickers, suitcase stickers, property stickers, a car sticker or a small gift for a product presentation. When making your own design, please allow about two millimetres to be lost on the side by cutting the sticker to size.

Vinyl stickers cheap

Do you want to buy cheap vinyl stickers? Then you have come to the right place at HappyPrinting. We offer you very competitive prices due to our sophisticated design of efficient working, smart purchasing and the use of excellent equipment. Because we have no start-up costs with digital printing, even an order of one sticker is very affordable.

Why order from HappyPrinting

HappyPrinting provides you with high quality full-colour vinyls printing in CMYK or even Pantone colors. To provide you with this service, we work with professional devices that guarantee the high quality of the final product.

The variety of materials we offer guarantees its long-term use. You don't have to worry about the material turning yellow. It will retain its properties for as long as possible so that it works smoothly for you when communicating with customers and other businesses.

Need to get new branded vinyls very urgently? You can take advantage of our option for express delivery and receive your final product only a day after the order. If you have more time, take advantage of our free delivery service to an address within 5 working days after ordering

Buy at an affordable price

HappyPrinting offers you printing of vinyls at prices that are fully compliant with the market. Thanks to our competitive prices, you can get even more forms for your company, and it is completely profitable! Working with the HappyPrinting editor is easy, and the results will bring you even more brand awareness and many more satisfied customers!

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The customer service was incredible and extremely efficient. The printing produced was of excellent quality! Definitely recommend.



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I have been ordering branded merchandise for events for 25 years and I’ve never been on such a user friendly website. I had uploaded my logo and place my order within minutes, it was so easy and I will definitely use again.



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The name says it all! I am happy with Happy Printing! Over the moon in fact! Customer service excellent, fast response back to emails. Overall very very very impressed!



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