Folding options for folders

Folders are frequently used for marketing and advertising. Small, but easily implemented, and on top of that, it comes in all kinds of different shapes! However, what are the differences, and what suits your needs? This and more can be found in this blog


The half-fold

As the name suggests, this type folds the folder in half. This can be done from the top of the sides. The two sides are the same format when folded this way, but you can also choose for a smaller fold where one side has the form of a square and the side covers this slightly.





The tri-fold  

With this fold, the folder is folded two times in the same direction. By doing so, the folder will have three fields that are all 1/3 of the normal size. One part of these is folded inwards to protect the quality of the product.





The z-fold

The folder is folded back and forth causing three fields that 1/3 of the size of the original paper. The difference with the tri-fold is that the z-fold takes on the shape of a Z which is also why it's called the z-fold.





Roll fold 

As this fold states, you roll the folder from one end to the other. First, we fold it from one end then fold it again and again until there are four panels left. It's the same as rolling up a poster, but instead of rolling, we fold it.





Accordion fold 

The accordion fold, Also known as the w-fold, is printed only on one side to both sides to create the w-shape. Normally comes in four panels that are the same size and are useful to implement when you want to convey much. 






Called the gatefold because it's as if you opening or closing a gate with it. This fold has one large panel in the middle, better known as the gate, and two small-sized folds on the sides, better known as the doors of the gate. This type is often used for phonographic designs or around magazines or certain sections of it.





Double gatefold 

The same idea as the single gatefold, but this one has two panels in the middle instead of one. When closing folding the two sides to the middle has the shape of a triangle. Commonly used for brochures and the likes.




Double parallel fold 

This fold is created by doing the half fold twice. This creates a w-shape just like the accordion fold does. However, the panels in this fold are parallel to each other. Furthermore, this shape only comes in four panels while the accordion fold can also be made in five panels.


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